About the company

The company is engaged in CAD / CAM design services, digitizing, training and plotting of markers. It performs conversion from other CAD systems – Lektra, Gerber, Optitex and others.
The used system by the company is CAD / CAM Consult X.



A major milestone in the development of garments.
Replaces the ordinary drawing sheet with computer one.
Development of basic pattern for a model based on a picture, sketch or samples provided by the client.
Transferring patterns on the Internet.
Combining multiple created models.


Drawing of patterns previously arranged by us at high speed plotter.
Use of ordinary or thermo-adhesive paper.
Drawing models obtained online in the following formats: - For Gerber - TMP, DATA - For Lektra - IBA, VET, MDL, PLX, PLA - For Aama - DXF, RUL - For Optitex - DSN, DSP - For Assyst - plotter DAT file - A HPGL Plot file - PLT, HPG, HPGL


Converting models and patterns from CAD / CAM systems: Optitex, Aama, Assyst, Lektra, Gerber


Developing different sizes of a particular model by algorithm of increasing or decreasing.
Use of table of measurement data given by the client or using standard size table.

Marker Making

Organizing and drawing of patterns to ordinary or thermo-adhesive paper for:
Saving fabric for the apparel industry.
Reduction of material used in manufacturing.
Reduction of waste percentage that remains on cutting.
Better pricing of the final product.
We always comply with your fusing requirements, method of laying and cutting, shrinkage of the fabric and the requirements about matching the details of stripes' and plaids' patterns. Creating a cost table for the number of folds.


Based on an already developed model, digital introduction of pattern is performed, from paper or cardboard in the system CAD.
Sending digital patterns through Internet, according to your system Lectra, Gerber, Aama, Optitex and Consult.

Address of our office:
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